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Taylor Frank, CD (DONA)

Call or Text: 602-418-9173

My Instinctual Birth LLC is a doula-owned business with the mission of teaching mothers how to trust their bodies, their instincts, and evidence-based information to ensure that their birth is an empowering experience.



My name is Taylor Frank. I am a mother, a wife, and a Birth Doula. 

Pregnancy & Childbirth are not illnesses, or conditions.

Being informed about the interventions, risks, and alternatives for the procedures and medications that are considered "standard practice," can make the difference between a passive, medical labor and an empowering embrace of the miracle your body is capable of.


Although Birth can seem daunting, we can take away the "fear" of it. We can replace that fear with evidence-based research, comfort measures, massage, and most of all, trust in our bodies to do what they're were biological designed to do.


After completing my DONA (Doulas of North America) International workshop, I knew that it was time to fully dive in, and acknowledge the fact that I am meant to be by the sides of laboring mothers and people. 


If I am not at a birth, you can find me spending time with my daughter and my husband, Ethan. November of 2024 will be our ten year anniversary!


I found my inner-self deeply when I became a mother. I have never felt more fulfilled in my life.

We enjoy hiking, barre classes, eating all foods, and exploring as much as possible.


I completed my DONA certification in 2023, and have taken continued education classes such as: grief training, rebozo, TENS unit in labor and Spinning Babies.

I am enamored by the childbirth process and the intense emotional & physical offering that comes along with bringing a child into this world. I have a passion for labor & birth that will never truly be satisfied, and I promise to use that passion to never stop learning or growing.

Free Course: Tracking your Cycle & Methods of Birth Control

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