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Taylor Frank, CD (DONA)

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My Instinctual Birth

Birth Doula in Arizona
  • What does a Birth Doula do?
    A Birth Doula's role is to provide physical and emotional support during pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum, also known as the fourth trimester. My doula work includes prenatal visits, telephone/email support, on-call availability, continuity of care, assistance and support during labor and birth, assistance with optimal fetal positioning (which can be discussed prenatally and utilized during the birth process), aromatherapy, massage, photography, breastfeeding support, resources and much more. According to the parents' preferences, Doulas provide physical support such as pressure, soothing touch, massage, and embrace. We strive to create a calm environment where the mother is feeling nourished and powerful. Utilizing encouragement, praise, optimistic thinking, and an informational presence, we work to guide you through the emotional "rollercoaster" of labor.​ We strive to provide you with enough evidence-based information and compassionate support that you feel confident embracing birth and trusting your body's innate ability. A Doula is NOT a healthcare professional and does not perform any clinical tests or checks. Doulas do not diagnose or prescribe any medications or conditions. As a Doula, I do NOT speak on your behalf, but I will encourage you to ask questions and speak up for your wants.
  • When will I join you for labor support?
    I will be on call for you starting at 38 weeks pregnant, ideally when you are in active labor and ready for additional support. For scheduled inductions or scheduled Cesarean births, I will meet you at the hospital at an agreed upon time and support you until your child is in your arms. Please speak with your provider about their procedures for having a support person in the operating room should you have a planned or emergency cesarean.
  • What if another mom and I go into labor at the same time?
    I take a very intentional client load to be able to fully dedicate myself to each family. If you and another client were to go into labor simultaneously, I have a list of highly trusted back-up doulas. I will choose a back-up and brief them on your pregnancy and preferences in the unlikely scenario that I am unable to support you. If you would like to meet your back-up doula ahead of time, that will be arranged.
  • Do you take any insurances?
    The only insurance that will reimburse doula support is Tricare (Prime or Select). According to Tricare guidelines, these clients must be at least 20 weeks pregnant and must be seeing a Tricare approved provider for birth. My fee is due in full by 36 weeks pregnant. At our postpartum visit, I will provide you with the itemized receipt that is necessary for Tricare reimbursement. Please keep in mind that Tricare may reimburse up to $1, 071.00 approximately 3-4 weeks after submission, but my full package price is due at 36 weeks pregnant.
  • Do I need a Doula if my partner is at my birth?
    Whether or not your partner is present, choosing to invite a doula into your birth space is completely your choice. If you do choose to hire a doula, your doula is there for you both. It may be difficult for your partner to know how to help during labor while seeing you in a state of discomfort. In supporting you (the mother), I absolutely encourage your partner to read books, take prenatal classes, and attend prenatal visits with you. Despite this, it may be hard for your partner to recall and utilize prior learnings during the emotionally intense atmosphere of labor and childbirth. As a doula, it is my job to direct your partner's love and passion for you into effective suggestions to nurture a beautiful birth experience for you both.
  • Should I still get a Doula if I have a scheduled Cesarean Birth?
    Some people believe that you only hire a Doula if you are having a vaginal birth. Babies are born in many different ways and you deserve support no matter how you choose to birth. In the event of a scheduled Cesarean, I can help you prioritize your preferences with gentle, family-centered options such as a clear drape, music of your choice, and immediate skin-to-skin with your baby. If your Cesarean is scheduled, rather than an emergency, I will provide Cesarean specific birth preparations, emotional support, and information regarding your options in the operating room. After your Cesarean birth, I will continue to support you in the hospital by providing breastfeeding assistance, self-care, and home-care recommendations. Talk with your provider ahead of time when considering a Cesarean, as not all providers allow Doulas in the operating room.
  • Should I still hire a Doula if I plan to get an epidural?
    Absolutely! Knowing when to get an epidural, how to use it effectively, and utilizing epidural-friendly positions are all things that I can help you with. Epidurals are amazing tools, and with evidence-based information and an epidural-experienced doula, a low-pain birth is attainable.
  • Will you support me if I choose to birth at a birth center?
    Yes! I have supported clients in their homes, birth centers, and hospitals. I can also assist in helping you choose between different birth centers or hospitals depending on your preferences and location.
  • How do I find the best Doula for me?
    You deserve someone that you fully trust when in comes time for you to birth. Interview, interview, interview! I believe that by researching and considering more than one Doula, you will open doors to a variety of options in order to choose who works best for your family. An internet search or searching can help. Most Doulas, myself included, offer free no-commitment consultations to give you the chance to find the Doula that best aligns with your birth preferences.
  • At what stage of pregnancy should I hire my Doula?
    It is best to have your Doula secured by the beginning of your third trimester. Typically, the earlier the better. I recommend that you start the search in your second trimester and interview multiple Doulas to determine who is the best fit for you. Hiring a Doula early in your pregnancy may be beneficial in forming a trusting relationship and feeling fully supported as you navigate the emotional and mental tribulations of pregnancy.
  • Do you attend Freebirth?
    Yes, I support and attend freebirth in a non-medical capacity. No one should be alone during their birth if they do not want to be.
  • What will my prenatal support with a Doula look like?
    Once my contract is signed, you are officially my client! My on-call support starts at 38 weeks pregnant, but I am available via call/text once my contract is signed. I ask that you save non-urgent questions for business hours (8:00am-5:00pm), but more than anything, I want you to know that I am here for you. We will schedule your prenatal visits for 32 weeks and 36 weeks. These prenatal visits are typically two hours. We will use this time to determine your birth and newborn preferences, answer questions, and bond in order to prepare for the best birth experience possible.
  • What is the evidence on Doula support?
    25% decrease in the risk of Cesarean birth; the largest effect seen was 39% decrease 8% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth 10% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief 38% decrease in the baby’s risk of a low five minute APGAR score 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience In 2017, Bohren et al. published an updated Cochrane review on the use of continuous support for women during childbirth. They combined the results of 26 trials that included more than 15,000 people. To read more about this collection of studies, click here: Cochrane Review.
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